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Rene Spronk

Senior Consultant, Ringholm BV in the Netherlands, HL7
International, IHE Academy
Rene Spronk has studied Informatics at the Twente University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has provided systems integration consultancy in healthcare to hundreds of healthcare provider organisations and application vendors since 1996, using a variety of interoperability standards. He has provided numerous HL7, DICOM and IHE training courses in various European countries.
He is involved as a volunteer in the activities of HL7, at the international level as well as within various European HL7 country organizations, and in IHE Europe. He was awarded with an HL7 "Volunteer of the Year" award in 2008, and was made a "HL7 Fellow" in 2011.

Vladimir Makarov
Deputy Head,
Department of Information Technology City of Moscow
Fedor Kidalov

Adviser to the Head, 
Moscow City Health Insurance Fund
Born in 1972 in Kaliningrad.
In 1994 he graduated from the Popov Naval Institute of Radio Electronics (St. Petersburg) in "software of automated control system"
From 1994 to 1996 served in Russian Armed Forces.
In 1996-2008 - Director of IT department of magazine "Driving".
In 2009-2010 - Head of IT department of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Radio-frequency center of the Central Federal District".
Since 2010 - Director of IT department at JSC "Medicine"
Vladimir Lishchuk
Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling and Monitoring,
The Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery

Leading scientist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, member of the Academy of Cybernetics, Head of Department of The Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Chairman of the Problem Commission "Fundamentals of individual and public health" RAMS, the author of more three hundred scientific publications, including the topics of strategies and the basics of health.
Boris Kobrinskiy
Head of the Medical Center of New Information Technologies,
Research Clinical Institute of Pediatrics  Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)

Evgeniy Flerov
Head of the Laboratory of telemedicine and intraoperative computer monitoring,
Russian scientific center of surgery named. Acad. B.V. Petrovsky Russian Academy of medical Sciences


Alexey Neznanov
Head of Information-Analytical Department,
FSI “Federal Scientific Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after D. Rogachev” Ministry of Health of Russian Federation            

Deputy Head of School of Applied Mathematics and Information Science of National Research University Higher School of Economics.
Academic title: Associate Professor

Education and Degrees
  • Candidate of Sciences (PhD): Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 2005
  • Master: Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 2002
  • Bachelor: Moscow Power Engineering Institute, 2000
Academic and Professional Interests
  • Structural analysis of systems: algebraic and algorithmic aspects. Applied graph theory with anemphasis on symmetry, complexity and similarity of graph models of systems. Effectivealgorithms for solving problems of structural analysis.
  • Data analysis: Big Data problems, graph mining, text mining.
  • Software engineering: software life cycle and ALM-technologies.
  • Human-machine interaction: design of user interfaces, implementation of graphical userinterfaces.

Yuri Kuznetsov 

Head of the Department of Information Technology and Telemedicine, Sverdlovsk Regional Hospital №1


Georgiy Lebedev 

Deputy IT Director,
Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Education: Mozhaiskii Military and Space Institute, 1987.

Degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences. The topic of the doctoral thesis: Optimizing of anhealthcare system information resource of areas (departments) (2010).
Participation in projects:
  • development and implementation of software systems for healthcare and compulsory health insurance in 25 regions of Russia (since 1993);
  • development and implementation of a program complex of organization of the treatment process in the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (2002 - 2004).
Since 2004 - Deputy Director of Information Technology of Federal research institute for Health Organization and Informatics, Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee TC-468 "Health Informatics", Director of the non-profit partnership "Association of Medical Informatics".
Has published more than 100 scientific papers.

Igor Kalyuzhniy 
CIO, Group of companies "Medsi"

Born in 1966 in Kiev, Ukraine
In 1988 he graduated from the Kiev Higher Engineering Radio School Defense in "mathematical software ASU" 
From 1983 to 1997. served in the Armed Forces. 
In 1997 - 2009. has gone from technician service payments to the director of the Department of the implementation and operation of IT controls 
From 2009 - 2013 period. - Vice President of Information Technology «Bashneft" 
From 2014 - IT Director of CJSC "Group" Medsi "
In 2011, he received an MBA degree from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation in "Information Management (CIO)» 

Valery Stolyar
Head, Training Centre of the Scientific Clinical Center of  "Russian Railways"

Yakov Pekker
Head of the Department of Medical and Biological Cybernetics,
Siberian State Medical University


Oleg Pianykh
Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School

Member of DICOM International Committee workgroup, professor of National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Education and Degrees

  • PhD: 1998
  • PhD, Computer Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA, August 1998
  • MS with honors, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, June 1994
  • D.E.R. (Diplômed'Etudes et de Recherches), Philosophy, French University College, Moscow State University and Sorbonne University, Paris, May 1994
Academic Interests
Medical informatics; image processing and analysis; medical information systems and standards (DICOM, PACS); computer-aided diagnostics;teleradiology

Andrey Tyazhelnikov
Сhief doctor, City polyclinic № 2


Sergey Shvyrev

Head of the IT Laboratory, Associate Professor of Medical Cybernetics and Informatics,
Russian National Research Medical University them. Pirogov (RNRMU)

Project Co-ordinator of the Russian branch HL7 Internationa. 
After passing through the primary specialization for 10 years worked as a physician anesthesiologist in emergency departments and intensive care unit (ICU), general and surgical profiles. 
Research interests: the computerization activities ICU, syndromic diagnosis of hemodynamic disorders, prediction of disease outcome and resource planning, organization of medical document based on the architecture of clinical documents CDA v.2.0, design principles and interaction of hospital and clinical information systems .
Participated in the development of health information systems: "Reports Surgical Clinic" (1995), "Accounting for acute and chronic ulcer bleeding" (1996), "Integrated automated system for continuous intensive monitoring" (1999). A leading developer of information system ICU "Interis" (2005). 

Herman Klimenko
Director and owner of Liveinternet,
websites directory
In 1983-1988 he studied at the Mozhaiskii Military and Space Institute (St. Petersburg), the system programmer.
In 1995 he graduated from the Higher School of Economics Faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining, qualification of economist.
1996-2000 - Branch Manager CHeremushki bank "Russian credit". 
August 1998 - the creation of List.ru.
2003 - creation of the blog hosting Liveinternet.
2003 - creation of statisticsservice Liveinternet.
2000-2008 - Bank "Quota", managing director.
April 2009 - Launch of media-contextual advertising system MediaTarget.
June 2013 - President of the created Association e-commerce development.
January 2014 - the launch of a news aggregator based on data from social networks "Mediametriks".
Seven times was included in "Magnificent twenty ofRunet" (annually from 2004 to 2010).


Michael Natenzon 

Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Research and Production Association "National Telemedicine Agency"

Born October 30, 1949 in Moscow. In 1972 he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering. Candidate. tehn. Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences, the author of over 150 scientific works, inventions and patents. 
In the 1972-1997 period. - Senior Researcher, Institute of Space Research, in 1990-1991. worked as a visiting scholar at the International Program at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California (USA). 
In 1993 he founded a group of companies TANA, becoming the CEO of "TANA - telemedicine systems" (and remains so up to the present time). Since 2002 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NGO "National Telemedicine Agency" since 2005 - deputy. Head of the Regional Working Group CIS telemedicine since 2010 - Coordinator of the focus group for the mobile telemedicine ITU, in 2012, he became co-director of Russia in the project "Development of multi-national telemedicine system for emergency situations" Committee "Science for Peace and Security" Council NATO - Russia. 


Michael Elyanov

Association for the Development of Medical IT
Mikhail Elyanov born July 30, 1954 
He graduated from the MIEM, PhD. 
President of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Information Technology (Armit), Ph.D., Director, Center for Health Information Technology "Media MT" 

Sergei Kuznetsov
Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Head
of  the Department of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence, National
Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE)

Education and Degrees
  • Doctor of Sciences: Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnitsyn Computation Center, 2002
  • Candidate of Sciences* (PhD): All-Russian Insitute for Scientific and Technical Information, 1990
  • Diploma: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1985
  • Diploma: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1985
Julia Shtevnina
Scientific Secretary HL7 Russia, lecturer in Medical Cybernetics and Informatics, 
Russian National Research Medical University them. Pirogov (RNRMU)

PhD, Senior Researcher, Lecturer, Department of Medical Cybernetics and Informatics of the Russian National Research Medical Universtiteta them. NI Pirogov. 
Involved in the design and implementation of AIS LPU at clinical RNIMU them. NI Pirogov "NCC gerontology" (since 2012).
Research interests: medical document based on the architecture of clinical documents CDA, development handbooks in the field of healthcare IT, the principles of construction of hospital information systems, automated evaluation of the quality of life. 

Peter Lidov

Research and Production Institute of Emergency Medicine and Biology
Boris Zingerman,

Head of the Department of computerization, Hematological Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

After graduating from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, for more than 30 years, Boris V. worked on Public Health.  
He is the author of national standards in this area, including GOST R 52636-2006 "Electronic medical history. General Provisions. " 
Head of the working group "Electronic medical record" of the Expert Council of the ICT Ministry of Public Health, author of the concept of  Мед@рхив cloud Medical Project.
Igor Neplohov
Technical Director of the FD,
LLC "Pozhtekhnika"
Igor Neplohov graduated from the Moscow Physics and Mathematics School №2, Moscow Aviation Institute, Berg Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering postgraduate, in 1985 he passed Ph.D. defense. He worked for more than 30 years in Berg Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering.Next he worked for System Sensor, «Center-SS" and Tyco Integrated Fire & Security. He has published over 150 articles in the sectoral press, the author of a dozen inventions, honored radioman, a veteran of work, PhD in Technical Sciences. Currently, the technical director of the Group of Companies "Pozhtekhnika" of theFire Detection and the editor of the "Fire Alarm, Fire Safety" magazine "Security Systems"

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